Dr. Walter Earl Fluker to serve as the Plenary Speaker for ATLA

Jun 14, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Walter Earl Fluker has been selected as the esteemed Plenary Speaker for the upcoming American Theological Libraries Association (ATLA) Conference. Taking place on Friday, June 16th, this event promises to be a stimulating gathering of theological librarians and professionals from around the country. Dr. Fluker's extensive expertise and profound insights are sure to make this address a highlight of the conference. Let's delve into the significance of this esteemed speaker and what attendees can expect from his keynote presentation.

Dr. Fluker's notable contributions extend beyond academia. He has written extensively on topics related to theology, ethics, and social justice. His influential works include "Ethical Leadership: The Quest for Character, Civility, and Community" and "The Ground Has Shifted: The Future of the Black Church in Post-Racial America." Dr. Fluker's keen insights on ethical leadership and commitment to the ongoing struggle for justice have made him a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and events worldwide.

The inclusion of Dr. Walter Earl Fluker as the Plenary Speaker at the ATLA Conference represents a significant opportunity for attendees to engage with his unique perspective on theological libraries and their role in promoting social transformation. Dr. Fluker's interdisciplinary approach, informed by his theological and ethical expertise, allows him to explore the broader societal impact of theological libraries and the resources they provide.

Attendees can anticipate a thought-provoking address that challenges conventional wisdom and inspires new ideas. Dr. Fluker's commitment to ethical leadership and social justice will undoubtedly be at the forefront of his presentation, emphasizing the role that theological libraries can play in shaping a more just and equitable society. The conference offers a valuable opportunity for theological librarians to connect, collaborate, and harness their collective expertise to make a lasting impact within their institutions and communities.